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Using Kids Rooms After They Leave for College

Every parent comes down with the emotional empty nesters feeling once their child makes their departure to college. All summer you’ve spent every second with them creating extra time in activities. You also find yourself in a state of asking yourself a few questions. The main question; what will you do with your kid’s room after they leave for college?

Well, on plus, you gained a room! It’s true that you could transform this brand new space but think again. Hold off on transforming their room into your dream office. The best option for the time being is to leave it alone. Your child is not gone for good. There are weekends where they’ll come home for a visit. And they have spring and summer breaks for the next few years. A child’s bedroom is where your child grew up. And their bedroom is also filled with memories for both you and your child.

Leave the bedroom alone for at least a year. Your child has started living in a very new environment. They’re sharing a cramped room with a total stranger. And they’re also learning the values of adulthood. They still need your support. If you turned their bedroom into an office, you always dreamed about that may give your child the wrong message. They want to come home to their own bedroom and relax in their own habitat. Not to come home to find they’re being erased from existence.

You can also use your kid’s room as a guest bedroom. However, communication is essential when your child leaves for college. They may not like someone else sleeping in their bed. Or even their siblings. As long as you form an agreement for when their bedroom is in use your child’s bedroom may work out as a visitor’s bedroom or a new bedroom for a sibling. Just be sure that your child can still use it if they come home.

Use this space for necessary needs. It could make an essential area for storage, or even old toys. And keep it tidy. Everyone keeps valuable items which remind them of something from their childhood. Don’t make a mess out of your child’s room because it’s there space. A child’s bedroom has always been a private place for them to think over their thoughts and even have needed alone time.

Honesty is a major value between every family. We all go through the transition where our child is moving out to go to college. If you want to do something with your child’s bedroom make sure you ask. Departure for college is one of the most emotional times for the whole family. It’s also best to have a plan for what happens when your child graduates college.

Make a plan, keep the room tidy, and always keep the room open for that weekend they’ll return home for a visit.